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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy this week-

Being not busy. Can't really say why though. Still no work and no immediate prospects. I know it's the economy but it feels like it is personal. Anyway, more updates and (semi)-regular blogging resumes next week.

Help me find a job, won't you?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stoopidest idea ever-

It is hard to believe that this has found enough money to actually make it beyond the napkin drawing stage. Check it out-

Auto repairs in the summertime- what fun...

Not really.

The Lincoln's been running warm again with the 90+ degree temps and I thought I might have to put a new radiator in it since that was the biggest component I didn't replace last summer when the overheating problems began. But yesterday on the way out of the racetrack and being stuck in just a little bit of traffic, it was heating up too quickly. When we got home the car was running warm and I discovered that the electric fan wasn't pulling any air through the radiator.

So today I parted with $106 and bought a new fan motor. I had to order it this afternoon and it arrived this evening after supper. I got it all installed and now the fan seems to be running so I am hoping that the problem is solved.

Loads of fun...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another job that I didn't get...

Well the HR recruiter told me that the down-selects for the job I interviewed for on Tuesday might take 2-3 weeks but the rejection letters didn't take very long to arrive. He was right, I got the "thanks for playing but no prize for you" email today. It really busted my bubble for a couple hours today.

I did receive a phone call from another recruiter for a scheduler position today and I owe him an updated resume tomorrow or Monday. So maybe that will turn into something.

In the mean time, I've turned into a full time lawn sprinkler professional and I've been working for St Michaels Episcopal Church up in Brigham City, relocating some sprinkler lines so that they can install a brick labyinth in their garden. I nearly got the work done today and I would have finished except for the flooding irrigation water coming in from a neighbor's yard that turned my trenches into a moat! There was a moat surrounding a lake in that back yard this afternoon! So I'll finish that job tomorrow before Noah gets home.

So- ups and downs in the employment arena and enough work taking care of my own yard and 2 church's sprinkler systems to keep me busy. But Saturday I'll be fishing with Noah and on Sunday we are going to car races at Miller Motorsports Park!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do a Good Deed Every Day- I did mine!

Tonight somebody in Ogden has his pickup truck back in his own driveway where it belongs- and I helped! The story? There was a Ford pickup parked across the street from my house last Saturday morning and the truck sat there without moving all weekend. I asked Leonard if he knew whose truck it was and today I asked the lady beyond Leonard's house and she was clueless about the truck owner too.

I decided maybe I should call Ogden Police Department and mention this truck to them. When I called, the nice person on the other end of the line told me based upon the description and license plate number, that the truck had been reported stolen!

Later the investigating officer called me and confirmed that the truck had been stolen over the weekend while the owners were away for the holiday and they didn't report it missing until Monday. But the owner got his truck back this afternoon with no particular harm done except for the stolen radio missing from the dash.

I'll bet he's happy to have his truck back...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Another great summer day of fishing- and catching fish!

Jim and I headed out to Willard Bay this morning, expecting to be driven off the lake early by the hordes of loudspeaker encrusted, tube towing speedboats but instead we got to spend almost all day fishing with very little distraction from the wakeboarder types.

We were in search of the elusive Wiper, or catfish or walleye, whatever might be biting. After launching from the south Marina we headed across the lake tot he west side where I had read reports of guys catching wiper recently. We trolled a good long while with no success. I even used my homemade sideplaner and tower, both of which worked perfectly except for putting fish in the boat. After a bit we changed locations and headed off to freeway bay on the east side of the lake. It didn't take us very long and we were scoring fish!

Jim caught more than me but I caught a walleye and the fish cooler just kept getting fuller and fuller. It was terrific! On two occasions we both had fish on our lines at the same time which makes for some excitement on the boat. Once we even managed to tangle 3 fishing lines by 1 fish which required an lengthy period of untangling of lines.

We quit with 9 wiper in the boat and the one walleye. I caught a 2nd walleye but he was a dink so went back into the water to keep growing. I finally got to use my electric knife that Kenny bought me as a Christmas present to fillet fish and it filleted, removed ribs and skinned so slick you had to wonder why everybody doesn't own one.

So- I'm sunburnt, exhausted and full of fresh caught fried fish tonight. I'm a happy guy. And tomorrow is the job interview! Maybe today's good luck was a forecast of tomorrow's interview result. I dammsure hope so!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Headed out shortly

To the Cache Valley Cruise-In hot rod and custom car show. I'm going with my buddy Loc; he's riding his chopper and I'm riding Sleek Black Beauty. THe road to Logan is a pretty ride and it should be lots of fun.

Work will continue on the backyard sprinkler renovation project when I return.